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Auto-generated Notebook Templates

It is useful to pre-populate the contents folders with default contents.lr files for the year. The script below create the appropriate folder structure, and fill in default values for pub_date, author, etc.

Link to file: make_lektor_templates.py

```python #!/usr/bin/python import calendar import getopt, os, sys def main(): try: opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'u:y:h', ['user=', 'year=', 'help']) except getopt.GetoptError: usage() sys.exit(2) for opt, arg in opts: if opt in ('-h', '--help'): usage() sys.exit(2) elif opt in ('-u', '--user'): user = arg elif opt in ('-y', '--year'): year = arg else: usage() sys.exit(2) cal = calendar.Calendar() for month in range(1,13): month_str = '%02d'%month for day in range(1,1+calendar.monthrange(int(year),month)[1]): day_str = '%02d'%day path = "/".join([year,month_str,day_str]) os.makedirs(path) with open(path+'/contents.lr', 'w+') as f: f.write(lektor_day_template % (day_str, '%s-%s-%s' % (year, month_str, day_str))) month_path = "/".join([year,month_str,'contents.lr']) with open(month_path, 'w+') as f: f.write(lektor_month_template % (month_str, calendar.month_name[month], calendar.month_abbr[month])) with open(year+'/contents.lr', 'w+') as f: f.write(lektor_year_template % (year,year)) usage_str = """Usage: python foo.py -u author -y year python foo.py --user author --year year""" def usage(): print(usage_str) lektor_year_template = """_model: year --- name: %s --- label: %s """ lektor_month_template = """title: %s --- description: %s --- label: %s """ lektor_day_template = """_hidden: yes --- title: %s --- author: sdouglas --- pub_date: %s --- categories: --- description: --- body: """ if __name__ == "__main__": main() ```