External file link icon, embed marmoset viewer


External file link

Tested various href img designs for external lr-notebook file link.

Marmoset viewer

Eventually we want to build a gallery of all 3D models of lab assets. For today just wanted to demonstrate for Jason that it's possible to drop the following snippet into a contents.lr file to display the marmoset viewer:

<script> marmoset.embed( 'microwave_BOX_Open.mview',
    { width: 400, height: 300, autoStart: false, fullFrame: false, pagePreset: false } );

Unfortunately this approach doesn't render correctly in the browser. The marmoset embed function apparently creates a new div which doesn't work with our default lektor templates.

Thus, I think the short-term preferred way will be to make a thumbnail and then link to the viewer:

Later we can try to build something more sophisticated like http://www.marmoset.co/viewer/gallery

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