Welcome to Shawn's lr-notebook!

What is this?

This is my personal lab notebook.

It is built with Lektor, hence the name lr-notebook.

[What is Lektor?](https://www.getlektor.com/docs/what/)

Set up your own notebook

Get the lr-notebook zip. Put it in cloud storage if you wish.

zip (developers: repo)

Download the Lektor app.


Run the Lektor app, use the button to open the file nb.lektorproject in your lr-notebook folder, then the button to view it running in your browser. That's it!

Create a project

  1. Browse to the Projects page.
  2. Type the desired project name into the box, and click +. The page should reload with project listed.

The is a link to open the project folder.

Create a project entry

  1. Browse to project page.
  2. Select a date in the date picker.
  3. Click + to create an entry for the selected date.


If hosting your lr-notebook on github, use Travis-CI to build a static site every commit and deploy it to a gh-pages branch for free public hosting.

Travis-CI + Lektor [instructions](https://www.getlektor.com/docs/deployment/travisci/)