migration files to nb-jason notebook


File migration

Want to take existing files and copy them into new notebooks with as little manual intervention as possible.

Wrote on import_files.py to copy source files into directory tree based on creation time. Ran the script on Google Drive models folder that contains most of the source files for lab assets. Inconsistencies between ctime and mtime meant that a fair amount of manual moving was necessary.

Ran into a few issues with Lektor. It didn't like the + symbol in the filenames.

Repo sizes have become big enough that git is no longer going to be viable. Moving entirely over to cloud storage acct, with unlimited storage.

Server Commands

Use these commands from the notebooks directory to run 2 lektor servers at once.

lektor --project ./nb-shawn/ -p 5000
lektor --project ./nb-jason/ server -p 5001

Attachment views of Jason's modeling screen captures