Welcome page instructions


What is this?
This is my personal lab notebook.

Set up your own notebook
Note this won't work until Lektor app v2.0 is released.
Until then, use dev version per the lr-notebook readme.
  1. Download the lr-notebook zip or fork the repo.
  2. Get the Lektor app.
  3. Run Lektor.app, use the button to open the file nb.lektorproject in your lr-notebook folder, then to view. That's it!

Create a folder
  1. Browse to the Folders page.
  2. Click top-right ✎ button to open admin interface.
  3. Click "Add Page" button under "Page Actions", choose a Name, and save via "Add Child Page" button.
Create a log entry
  1. Browse to desired log month.
  2. Click on the day you want to add.
  3. Edit contents.lr file to set _hidden: no
  4. Refresh the month page, click the newly active link
  5. Add a folder via footer link or admin interface.
  6. Populate the description and body fields.

If hosting your lr-notebook on github, use Travis-CI to build a static site every commit and deploy it to a gh-pages branch for free public hosting. This is not password protected.

  1. Read these instructions, and watch the YouTube tutorial.
  2. Update nb.lektorproject with ghpages target
  3. Set .travis.yml to install dev version of Lektor
  4. Configure travis-ci with LEKTOR_DEPLOY_USERNAME and LEKTOR_DEPLOY_PASSWORD, per the tutorial @ 1:41
  5. Optional: set up a Slack integration to notify a channel each build.